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SPIRIT and Sustainder | a perfect example of smooth cooperation

Monday, May 18, 2020
SPIRIT solar lighting and Sustainder are both innovative Dutch-based companies with a sustainable mindset. A beautiful basis for cooperation.

We both love light. We both believe it begins with light. This perfect match resulted in a perfect set of DC-luminaires, based on the Alexia and Anne.

Why a DC-luminaire? Well, we do not like wasting energy, since we know that it costs a lot to produce and store. Our DC-luminaire works differently than other traditional luminaires on DC (direct current) instead of AC (alternating current). Both solar technology and battery technology are based on DC. Not having to convert the energy saves up to 5% of the total. Each watt that does not have to be produced or stored, saves literally money in solar panels and batteries.

Furthermore, the efficiency of the luminaire is outstanding. The importance is not the power that flows into the luminaire (in watt), but the capacity that is the result: the right amount of lumen on your road surface. Both in lumen/watt output, but also light distribution, the Alexia is an icon. You can ask us for our test reports, if needed ;) Last, but definitely not least, we love the designs that meet and blend.

Read the Sustainder-side of this story about our cooperation (in Dutch) 
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