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Team SPIRIT is every day working on innovation. Making products and services even better than the day before. It is the passion for public lighting and innovation that makes our hearts beat.

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SPIRIT and the team SPIRIT

What truly sets SPIRIT solar lighting apart isn't just the innovative technology or the high-quality products we offer. It's the dedicated team behind these advancements, the heart and soul of SPIRIT. This team isn't just any group of professionals; we are a family, both in spirit and in blood.

Innovating for a brighter tomorrow

The essence of SPIRIT solar lighting lies not in its products alone, but in the people who create them. It's a story of a family's passion, a team's dedication, and a collective DNA that's committed to excellence and innovation. At SPIRIT, we are more than just a company; we are a team, lighting the way forward, together.

The promise: Commitment to quality At our headquarters in Oss, The Netherlands, the SPIRIT team oversees the meticulous production and assembly of our products. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, as evidenced by our ISO9001 certification. We do not compromise on design or quality, ensuring that every SPIRIT product embodies our high standards. See our SHEQ policy
Push limits Our approach at SPIRIT is driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation. Every day, our team is engaged in enhancing both the technical aspects and user experience of our products. We believe in constant learning and improvement, ensuring that our product line remains at the forefront of the solar lighting industry.
Lighting the way to smart cities Initially envisioned as an off-grid public lighting solution, SPIRIT solar lighting has evolved into a smart city solution, offering freedom, security, and sovereignty to designers, installers, and citizens alike. Our products are more than just lights; they are integral components of urban design, enhancing the safety and aesthetics of public spaces.