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Technology enables to provide a safe and civilized environment without relying on existing networks – autonomous and lean. Sunlight – one of earth’s most trustworthy sources – empowers.




Our assembly facility and head office is the centre of SPIRIT solar lighting, situated in Oss, The Netherlands. This site at Etruskenweg 18 in Oss features 1000 m² indoor facility for the office and to assemble products – additionally 500 m² outdoor for logistics. The manufacturing principle of SPIRIT solar lighting is to assemble parts. SPIRIT works together with loyal and local partners and outsources metalwork, coating, solar panels production/lamination, production of luminaires and battery/electronics. Most of these partners are part of the research and development team and are preferred suppliers. In this way, the most efficient and ‘state-of-the-art’ production machinery can be guaranteed. SPIRIT solar lighting has its own assembly facility at the Etruskenweg 18 in Oss, in which the assembly team is fully equipped to assemble all parts into a solid product. 

For the production of the metal work, the body of the mast, we use four production facilities with the best suitable equipment and professional and adequate staff members.

Laser cutting - The body of the mast consists of RHS profiles. All cutting processes are executed with the finest equipment, in this case mainly the profile cutting machine. Additionally, sheet material is cut with a fiber laser.

Welding assemblies - After cutting the profile material and cutting and bending the sheet material, the assembly is composed and welded. For all welding processes we use a highly innovative robot laser.

Galvanizing - All elements are being hot-dipped galvanized – foundation box and steel body. All using the most advanced techniques and in accordance with the most up-to-date standards and requirements. Our preferred supplier is one of Europe’s most state-of-the-art galvanizing plants.

Coating - After galvanization, all visible elements are being provided with a specialized double layer powder coating of AkzoNobel with a very modern powder coating installation.


The designs of the SPIRIT solar powered  products are based in Oss. In Oss, we have the facility and capacity to design, develop, prototype and test the products until these are final and ready for production. Producibility, sustainability, functionality and aesthetics are equally important in trying to provide outstanding public lighting. With the best partners, we strive for the best products and succeed. Don't hesitate to contact us for further explainations about our quality policy.

SPIRIT solar lighting is a certified ISO9001-company. 










Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people*. This applies through our complete organisation. Looking at design and development, we couldn’t have reached where we are today without the team. But also in production and sales we have more than one partner to support us and work together to aim for the ultimate goal; light for sight, safety and/or ambiance. It is our spirit and passion for sustainability, design and public lighting that drives us and our partners worldwide in pursuing our customer’s ambitions for independency and sustainability.

* Steve Jobs