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Road lighting requires a different approach than illumination for ambiance. Sight for safety is important. Identification of road and (moving) objects without glare disability or a distracting and tiring low uniformity. The line-up of the public lighting solutions, for roads of all kind - from residential up to high ways:
Selecting well-designed luminaires is key for solar lighting. The more efficient the luminaire, the less energy needs to be produced and stored. And saving in capacity has a great influence on the costs. In this way we have a very competitive solar lighting column. We have carefully selected and designed three luminaires, the on-top Anne and the side-bracket Alexia, both available in several power sizes.

All columns contain high-efficient solar panels, cladded on four sides of the square column. We always advise the column in pure white (double layer powder coating; after galvanizing); besides the advantage of lowering the temperature inside the column, it also shines in contrast with the glossy black panels.

As all of the products, the column contains an intelligent control unit, which after plug-and-play installation is able to automatically control the lighting program and all energy management of the column. 

The column’s fundament is part of the complete product and offers the battery a well-preserved environment. The robust fundament/foundation is to be dug  in - concrete is unnecessary.

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