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All designed for illuminating urban environments for ambient lighting. Application of these are limitless - parks, courtyards, gardens, golf courts, resorts, etc. The line-up of the ambient lighting solutions: 

Our columns dominate the product line. These are very efficient in lighting residential areas, wide paths or small squares. The ambient effect the design and light effect have will make the open-air get-togethers more pleasant.

Besides the columns, we have the ground spot, bollard and pillar. The ground spot is a spot integrated in ground level. The spot can be focused on a particular artefact or to light up a tree. 

The bollard provides a guiding light along a path or can be used for high lighting some specific park areas. The bollard is cocooned by four flat solar panels, collecting energy by MPPT. 

If the bollard 1.6 may be too small and a column too large, you might want to consider the pillar or bollard 1.11. The pillar is covered on two sides with solar energy panels and is with an height of 2.35 meters a fair addition to the line-up. The bollard 1.11 is an extended version of the bollard 1.6 and completes the line-up.

For the columns we’ve selected two luminaires: Anne and Alexia.

Interested in more information about the ambient lighting solutions? Ask for our brochure.