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All sustainable, all stand-alone. SPIRIT solar lighting creates solutions that are off-grid, with the help of high-efficient solar panels and durable batteries. The energy produced will be used in most efficient way by our ’in-house’ developed LED luminaires.

Public lighting

Illuminating residential roads, high ways and parking lots is an expertise. Using asymmetrical lighting profiles tailored for the specific traffic situation with high-efficient LED’s, we strive for the best road lighting results. The heights vary from 4 meters up to 12 meters, and even higher customized solutions on request.

Ambient lighting

For residential areas, parks or courtyards, ambient lighting is the solution. A diverse line-up of ground spots, bollards and pillars is to be completed with the XS-line of the public lighting. From ground level up to 5,8 meters high, all meant for creating a pleasant ambiance and sight for orientation.