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Sunlight empowers us
ensuring light at night

Our goal is to offer lighting for sight and safety at night. Sunlight is the source that empowers to ensure sight for safety in a sustainable way.

This is how we do it

Smart city solution

One of the largest challenges for Smart Cities is the network congestion. What if… this challenge can be by-passed? What if the energy you need is generated at the location you need it? What if the centralized electrification network can be unburdened, by solutions that function stand-alone? Whereas the energy source, energy carrier as well as the consumer equipment (lighting, information and communication technology, e.g. sensors) is integrated. The SPIRIT solar lighting column is one of these intelligent stand-alone solutions, which fit into this smart city vision.

The SPIRIT control unit
Via astronomical clock and GPS the control unit know exactly at time sun sets and rises, and so on which time the luminaire should be activated and what the length of the night is. The detailed information on the charge of the day, and the forecast for the upcoming days, will give input wheter the dimming program should be activated or not.
Self-sufficient system
Energy in is lead in efficiency by the 4 sided MPPT-inverter technology, charging one battery pack. All energi in is montored and indicates how much energy there is to be spend after a full day of charging.
Self-preserving system
The control unit will make sure that all elements are preserved as good as possible. For example: The battery is charged by temperature-compensation if needed and the LED’s will be gradually activated if temperature is beyond the perseverance range.
The control unit is always accessible via Bluetooth Low-Energy to get insight on the data. This data can be transferred to the Control Room. Optionally, one can choose to use RF. All information is sent to the centralized gateway with a certain interval in time, which collects all data and visualizes it in the control room, without the physical attendance near the column.

Approach - Make a plan

How do I select the best product? That is the question we help our clients best with. Since you – as a potential customer – are a pioneer considering solar lighting, we feel it is our obligation to inform and transfer knowledge about solar lighting first. We support you in making a plan, preferably in a very early stage.

Our product line

Each situation requires a different solution. Each solution has its own specifications. Though all have in common that these are autonomous, off-grid systems. Discover our complete product line for public lighting (road lighting) and other lighting for outdoor spacing, like parks and residential areas.

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SPIRIT for sustainable development

For a sustainable future, we all have to face many challenges. These should be addressed fundamentally and in complexity. Though as being SPIRIT, we also try to contribute to the Global Goals, to make the world better: greener and fairer.


About us

Team SPIRIT is every day working on innovation. Making products and services even better than the day before. That is what thrives us: clever solutions made simple, adding value to smart cities. Innovating, organising and producing in (mainly) Oss, The Netherlands, we keep quality high and our product innovations sharp and earnest.

Reproducibility, functionality and aesthetics are evenly important to our team. It is the passion for public lighting and innovation that makes our hearts beat.